3 Haxus-funded entrepreneurs featured in Forbes 30 under 30 list

For the 6th year in a row, Forbes together with 80 A-list judges selects 30 world’s most innovative leaders and change-makers in 20 industries, including education, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and more.

This year, in Consumer Tech category, 3 out of 30 positions belong to young entrepreneurs supported by Haxus Venture Fund: Sergey Gonchar and Eugene Nevgen, cofounders of MSQRD, and Alexey Moiseenkov, cofounder and CEO of Prisma Labs. MSQRD, live filters for selfies project, was founded in November 2015 and supported by Haxus founders before Facebook acquired the technology in March 2016. Prisma, launched in June 2016, said to have filtered 1.2 billion photos by August, and was recently named App of the Year by both Apple and Google.

Remarkably, the Forbes ranking is now harder to get in than US top universities, Stanford and Harvard. With 15,000+ nominees for only 600 spots, the acceptance rate is less than 4% compared to 4,8% and 5,2% respectively.

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