Flo is among 5 most popular apps to keep you healthy in 2018

App tracker App Annie provided CNBC with data on the most popular free versions of health and wellness apps from 2017 based on both the Apple and Android app-store downloads. Flo in #4 in the global health apps rankings.

CNBC says:

The promise of artificial intelligence includes looking at many existing health-care issues in new ways. This app makes predictions of menstruation and ovulation using machine learning. The app is more than just a monthly countdown tool, though. It can be used for contraceptives and other pill planning; to track cycles and symptoms over time; integrate menstruation with lifestyle — sleep, hydration and exercise; and of course, help women trying to conceive.

Being in the top 5 health apps is not just the recognition of the popularity of Flo, but it also grants the greatest business opportunities. According to CNBC, 

The fertility business overall has boomed and is now valued in the billions of dollars and growing.

Haxus-backed Flo currently has over 13 million monthly active users worldwide. 

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